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Our 3 main priorities at Ro Dental Office are to

Our 3 main priorities at Ro Dental Office are to

  • Eliminate pain and discomfort around the mouth
  • Maintain your oral hygiene for as long as you live
  • Strengthen the gums and their ability to support your teeth

In order to achieve these priorities, we have formed a dental team comprised of a number of specialists of various oral treatments. You no longer need to visit multiple clinics to find the right treatment for you. At Ro Dental Office, you’re sure to find the right specialist for your particular problem. From young children to the elderly, we are prepared to provide the most appropriate service to every single one of our patients, and improve their quality of life. To learn more about our dental specialists and their specialties, please click the link below.


Our Easy, Painless Treatments

Low Dose CT Scanner

Using fewer X-rays than any other device, Ro Dental Office has been utilizing a new brand of CT Scanner since the summer of 2010. In spite of its low dosage of radiation, our CT Scanner is able to provide highly detailed 3D images of your oral cavity.

From initial inspection to post-treatment, we are able to supplement a wide range of treatments that include dental implants, periodontal treatments, corrective dentistry, root canal treatments and more!

In particular, the CT scans help enhance our dental implant treatments by allowing us to understand even the most complicated oral situations. From there, we are able to plan out the most appropriate dental implant procedures for a patient’s specific case to the finest possible detail.

On top of drastically increasing the success rate of a procedure, our brief, low-dose (0.02~0.12mSv) scans ensure that our patients are at as little risk as possible. All it takes is one brief session to receive all the visual data necessary for a successful treatment.

CT Scanner [Veraviewepocs 3D]
CT Scanner [Veraviewepocs 3D]

The scanning arm rotates 180 degrees around the patient’s head. Once it collects the necessary data, it produces a 3D replica on the computer.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Treatment

Compared to other forms of dental treatment, laser treatment involves less pain and has a faster recovery rate. We recommend using a laser scalpel for your dental implant treatments for the following reasons:

  • Causes almost no bleeding
  • Powerful sterilization effects that enhance ability to treat mouth ulcers
  • Great for dealing with pain and inflammation

Laser treatment is a solution that allows our patients to experience as little discomfort as possible.


Compared to similar devices, the cutting-edge carbon dioxide laser utilized in our clinic is much easier to handle due to its built-in manipulator. Furthermore, with a focal point that’s nearly 1/3 of 0.15mm, our carbon dioxide has tremendous accuracy and allows us to perform even the most delicate of treatment procedures.

Four-Handed Dentistry

Four-Handed Dentistry is a medical procedure system designed to increase the precision and effectiveness of dental treatments. By setting the patient on a specialized operating table, the doctor and their assistant are both able to work on the patient simultaneously, essentially making it a “four-handed” operation.

With both the doctor and their assistant undergoing intense training, Four-Handed Dentistry allows a high level of precision.

Four-Handed Dentistry

On top of enhancing the quality of treatment, it also greatly reduces the treatment time and the number of times a patient needs to visit the clinic. At its best, it greatly reduces any potential burdens on the patient.

Making many contributions over the years to the modernization of dental treatment, Dr Daryl R. Beach, DMD proposed the HPI (Human Performance & Infomatics) system on which Four-Handed Dentistry is based. Dr. Ro Masahiro, the former head dentist of Ro Dental Office, researched under Dr. Beach, and began implementing it from May 1982.

LED Surgical Light

When it comes to dental implant surgeries, precision is of utmost importance. Such surgeries require the use of a surgical light that is able to help the operating dentist grab a hold of the situation, and provide a safe and secure treatment.

Since 2016, Ro Dental Clinic has been using a cutting-edge LED surgical light that is able to automatically narrow down to the position of the patient’s mouth. Due to this, we are able to quickly and accurately assess the current condition of the patient.

LED Surgical Light

On top of being able to save nearly 85% of the power of conventional lamps, the LED lamp is similar to natural light and can easily show the color tone of any affected areas in the mouth.

Furthermore, as this lamp is embedded into the ceiling, patients have often claimed they feel more at ease with it in comparison to more conventional lamps.

What Makes Us Special

A Specialist-Focused Team

Graduating from Tokyo Dental College in 1979, Masahiro and Emi Ro, a husband and wife team founded Ro Dental Office in Meguro Ward in 1982. Their son and his wife, Munehiko and Sawako Ro would also graduate from Tokyo Dental College in 1979, and starting from 2020, inherit the ownership of Ro Dental Office. From periodontology to pediatric dentistry, this family of dental specialists practice a wide range of dental disciplines. At Ro Dental Office, you can be sure to receive the right treatment from an expert on your specific oral health problems.

A Specialist-Focused Team

High-Level Dental Hygienist Support

Our Dental Hygienists have the following responsibilities;

  • Diligently follow Dr. Beach’s Four-Handed Dentistry system to provide the operating dentists the best possible assistance.
  • Take on responsibilities beyond the scope of general dentistry. Our dental hygienists are also expected to assist in treatments that require a high level of knowledge and experience like dental implant treatments or periodontal treatments. By providing perfect assistance in these matters, our dental hygienists are able to carry on their duties with confidence.
  • Serve as teeth brushing experts who can consider the various circumstances of a patient’s situation and suggest the most appropriate brushing method
  • Not only perform dental procedures like dental scaling and PMTC, but also inform the patients of the importance of preventive dentistry.
  • Be aware of each patients’ needs as a whitening professional, and provide the correct balance of office whitening and home whitening procedures
  • Each dental hygienist is responsible for a patient, and takes on the responsibility of providing them long-term care while building a relationship of trust. As the patient goes through various treatments, our dental hygienists take great pleasure in seeing the smiles of the patients’ faces. Our dental hygienists’ also serve as the concierges to our dental office, and are always ready to lend an ear whenever they are needed.
  • Participate in a wide range of community health activities outside of the clinic such as helping the elderly chew and swallow their food.

By Appointment Only

In order to fully maximize the efficiency of our treatments, we only accept treatments by reservation. In doing so, we reduce the waiting time and amount of times our patients have to be treated

As veteran doctors, we have calculated the average amount of time necessary for a number of treatments according to five-minute intervals. As a result, there is practically no waiting time at our clinic.

Furthermore, at the time of reservation, we also inform what amount of time your treatment is expected to take.

To make an appointment, please call the following number: 03-3724-1769

By Appointment Only

No Language Barriers

At Ro Dental Office, we provide treatments in Japanese, English and Chinese.

English Speaking Dentist Tokyo|Ro Dental Office

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